Light The Town - 3 sets of Luminary Bags

Light The Town - 3 sets of Luminary Bags

Three (3) sets of three (3) locally designed luminary bags to light up an area in town.

(your favorite landmark, outdoor space, store, etc)


    This option includes three (3) bundles of  3 custom designed luminary bags for a total of 9 luminaries. 

    The paper luminaria bags are fire retardant but it is recommended to use a flameless LED luminaria light, tea light or candle. 

  • Pickup Directions for Saturday December 19th

    A last pickup is being provided on Saturday, December 19th from 12:30 - 2 PM at Churchhill Rink in Durham. Following Covid-19 safety protocols, you can pay online and pick up in the rink parking lot or request a contactless pickup.

    We've had a tremendous response and since all deliveries are done by volunteers, we needed a few days to finish up all deliveries.  

    Thank you for your support.